A Broad Approach to Training

We believe the broad training approach of Trade Skills, Life and Leadership, and Faith will develop young men into highly employable tradesmen who are leaders in work, business, family, and community. They will be anchored in a Biblical view of the world around them. The training and mentoring that begins during schooling will provide a sustainable basis for a healthy life and community long after graduation.

Trades 4 Life provides an opportunity for students to learn trade and life skills that increase their potential for employment or starting their own business.  

T4L offers an opportunity for instructors who have extensive experience and recognition in their primary trade to give back in a instructing and mentoring role.

Visit our Belize website to learn more about the Trades 4 Life Belize School and our upcoming courses.

Opportunities for You!

Opportunities are opening up in South Africa for a new Trades 4 Life school in that area.  Instructors and support staff are needed for this new endeavour.  Find out more...